It’s just like starting over.

I got better at taking photos and worse at writing.

These last few weeks have been stressful. The sort of stress that walks you up in the early hours and demands planning to deal with the possibilities. Then it zaps your energy through out the day as plans are mulled and new information comes in and plans are changed. And the thinking of consequences of plans start to add more strain and then and then and then…

Of course, spending time practicing mindfulness can help reduce stress, so it was the self perpetuating cycle. Yet, here I am practicing gratitude or at least the sharing of the practice. I was practicing by taking the photos, eve when I did not write about them.

I made dinner the last two nights, which I am grateful for having done. I made pasta two nights ago and burritos last night. It was only my daughter and I last night as my wife took my son to dance class then to do some shopping, so they are out.

There is also a bag of galaxy fluffy slime next to the plate. We have mass supplies for making slime as it entertains the kids at times. My daughter put several Slime Times on the calendar. She’s had a rough time a school lately and yesterday was the “worst day ever.”

I made a couple excuses as she got the supplies out, then I looked up a recipe: glue, shaving cream, contact solution and color. She even got the bowl to make, I just had to stir and provide pointers on spraying the shaving cream. I cleaned the bowl and other dishes in the sink as she crafted the finest galaxy fluffy slim. I heated up some beans from a can tossed on pre-grated cheese and dollops of sour cream for hers. She had a bowl of precut cantaloupe.

Right now a simple dinner and some slim is a great blessing.