Last night was Bingo Night at the kids school. My daughter had scoped out a lap desk earlier in the day as her preferred prize.

We missed the first game or two and the crowd was overflowing, so the principal brought out a desk for us. The first four games were exercises in disappointment. My son got four in a row in the first six numbers one game and then bounced around with the blotter, never hearing that fifth number called. But most of the time the kids were at least two numbers away from a Bingo.

Finally on the fifth game, the boy got a Bingo. On the sixth game, he got another but let his sister go get the prize. He had gotten a bear book, she as one of the last winners of the night got her lap desk.

They were both excited to help put away chairs.

I am grateful for cheap food that they kids enjoy.

I am grateful for the school building community.

I am grateful for my kids desire to serve.