We woke up to a few inches of snow. The school called a snow day at 5:45am with an automated call that woke me. When the kids were both awake about 8:30 we headed out for a snowball fight and building a snow bear. An hour later we came back inside. My wife had several orders to finish and about 3:30 I took the packages to the post office.

There had been some wisps of blue sky but mostly it was a cloudy cold day. As I looked at roofs around the neighborhood, most had completely melted of snow except for the eaves. I wondered why, recognizing that the temperature on the eaves was the same below the roof as above. Then I hypothesized that the clear roofs had attics with little insulation, thus their furnaces were heating the roofs.

We had our house insulated as part of a community home weatherization program last year, so I had a control group. As I rounded the corner on our street, I saw the opposite of the other houses. The edge of our roof was melted while the majority of it still was piled with snow.

My next hypothesis is that heat is escaping near the top plate of my exterior walls.

I am grateful to have participated in the weatherization program.

I am grateful for getting to play outside with my kids.

I am grateful for the success of my wife’s business.