Some days are rough ones.

My son is getting less interested in going to school. It my be the huge amount of candy and toys his sister regularly gets after being suspended on Valentine’s Day as a way to control her behavior. He hasn’t made the connection that it was being physically aggressive to her peers and the staff that gave her access to the rewards.

Yesterday he had his Irish dance class followed by a first grade concert. This meant three big events right in a row, taking up most of his day, leaving little time for himself to choose what he wanted to do. Plus he had a runny nose that made us wonder if he should stay home.

He took a couple basketball breaks during the transitions, mostly just him alone dribbling the ball in front of the house, and we finished with Slurpees as a treat. He was excited to share about the day at bedtime and proud of what he had done.

I am grateful my son does hard things and rejoices in their completion. I am grateful for social media fun. I am grateful for giving myself space to write.