My daughter is the youngest of five and her nieces and nephews are in their thirties except one who is mid twenties. So my kids cousins are older than their aunt, my sister. Which caused my daughter some confusion.

One of the cousin’s had a blessing for her baby today at church. My kids stayed for Sunday School that their cousin taught. Our son asked his mom about being baptized.

We headed up to my sister-in-law’s house to share a meal. My sister-in-law’s husband comes from a big family, so even if it’s a small gathering about 20 people are present. There was some good conversation and we exchanged Christmas gifts because my son got sick the day we were going to get together and we didn’t want to expose the baby to anything.

Then my daughter got to hold her cousin and was excited.

I’m grateful to have a large extended family who is welcoming and caring. I am grateful for good experiences my kids have at church. I am grateful for long Christmas seasons.