Sometimes early in the day becomes the end of the day.

Happy 43rd Birthday to my brother.

Yesterday felt like a preparation day. Getting ready for all kinds of days and not finishing any of them.

It was emotionally exhausting trying to make everything compute in my head. So after spending way too long, I went and dropped a few packages for my wife and headed to the hardware store for a melamine too for my son’s desk. I picked up a 15 wall blocks so I can someday seal off the vents in my crawl space for an encapsulation.

Then we putz around and finally motivated for the last hour of swimming at the Y.

We were gong every Friday for a while. It was interesting to see that my son can stand in the deep end of the teaching pool which is 3.5′ when before he preferred to stick to the three foot section and only would hold onto the wall near the deep end. Now he went straight into the deep end. We played keep away for a while, the the daughter needed her big pool swimming fix, which was shortened because of our abbreviated session, then we headed back to the small pool and some keep away, followed by a family soak in the hot tub.

It was a good return to the pool.

I am grateful for family fun in the pool time.

I am grateful for cheap plans that provide hope.

I am grateful for friends to talk with about random stuff,