I signed up to do an online program at a friend’s wedding. I have struggled with academia as an institution since college and my plan was to make a mockery of this program by doing it in six months.

Then I got annoyed with it and stopped working on it for several month then powered through three more terms. I have one last project to do. And this was the last assessment I got before starting the final project.

“Meticulously critiqued”

It would be boring for me to read similar papers on similar or the same topic dozens of times week after week, month after month. Most of the time the feedback feels like the evaluator is just doing the job of putting in a few comments.

I hope my work gave the evaluator a bit of leavening to be inspired to write these comments.

I am grateful to get to interact and share with those I am in contact through my degree – even when U complain bitterly about some of them.